New Now Moment

New Now.jpgHello, friend. It’s January 6th. How is that New Year’s Resolution working?  Are you losing steam?  It’s okay, we all do and that is normal.  We’ve been playing this resolution game now for too many years:  New Year New You.  Better. Thinner. Happier. Peaceful. Healthier. Thinner. More Fit. More Happy. Thinner. More and Better ______.  <<sigh>>

I have good news to share.  We will each inspire over 7 million breaths this year with an average of 12 to 16 breaths each minute.  You have seven million opportunities this year alone for a New Now Moment.  Are you ready to practice…to share New Now Moment with each other?  Lets do it…

First, just relax.  Relax your jaw, your shoulder blades, feel your collarbones expand as you relax even more. Notice your ribs expand out. And see if you can relax the lower belly ten percent more.  Ok, good.  We are ready.  After your next exhalation, stay relaxed and invite your breath in deep, just following along with your relaxed attention, exploring and staying soft and attuned to This Now Moment.  And then…let this moment go, without expectation of holding on to what has now passed and in the past.  And voila! You’ve arrived…at your (next) New Now Moment.

I love having an intention to hold on to but I don’t set myself up for failure every January 1st anymore.  I use Sankalpa which is a Yoga word meaning the rule to be followed above all other rules and honoring the deeper meaning of our life, even our dharma which is our purpose for being here.  Normally, in Yoga, we hear Sankalpa used only in a Nidra practice and it is a wonderful tool to have to use in Nidra.  I also use Sankalpa as part of my moment to moment practice.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me this Sunday for a Sankalpa and Breathing workshop.  We will flesh out our personal Sankalpa and investigate the breath.  Message me privately for more details.  I’m also gathering groups of together for a 10-week series for those new to Yoga or those wanting some more fine-tuned information that doesn’t always come in a traditional class format.

Okay, try it again.  Another Now… and another…and another.

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