The Pose Isn’t the Magic

The pose isn’t the magic. Your ability to stay present moment and completely aware in the framework of a pose is the magic. 

Are you trying to do a pose “correctly” or how you did it last year or last decade or was taught by another teacher or saw in a photo? Are you willing to let that structure go. Find a variation that gives you a framework for holding awareness and responding accordingly, toward contentment and pleasure!

The pose is a symbol for spiritual practice; the time you take to dip your toes into your essential nature and where you create new pathways to be able to hold the present moment longer. And the spiritual practice is leading to the practice of a human fully being present in as many moments as possible – strung together like a garland.  You become the container instead of making a container.

It’s time to start practicing. One breath at a time. One pose at a time. One 10 minute spiritual practice every day. Join me. At your pace and in your daily life.

My new online program starts tomorrow morning.

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