Mother's Children

The ozone became compromised
   and we went on with our busy-ness

The glaciers started to melt and creatures displaced and disappeared
   and we went on with our other-ness

The lungs of Earth, our mother, caught fire
   and we opened one eye, and did no-thing

Our global lungs, the lungs of her children, are blaze
   will any-thing change?

This inflammation has been here for a long-time…festering, calling us all back home into our inner realm, the realm of wisdom, abundance and compassion. Will you heed this call inward, returning home to your Self? I know you are patiently waiting. I see you.

During this time of forced solitude, I invite you to investigate your inner realm. Come home. See that home is always here, peace is always here, love is always here and now. I’m offering three times each weekday to practice with others: 8am, 12:45pm and 7pm. Each session is a maximum of 15 minutes and free. Anyone around the globe is welcomed. To find the link to the meetings, visit

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