Vedic Counseling

Vedic Counseling is for you if you are ready to progressively take steps that move you forward in your journey. These Wisdom Sessions combine all the gifts and skills I’ve acquired from my journey with Fundamental Wellbeing, Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotisha, Energy Healing (plus my years of experience as a top-rated sales and marketing executive — for those with holistic businesses).

Step 1 will be to complete an intake with me that will set the stage for our future work. We will meet at a minimum six times a year (every other month). On off months, we will check in via email (or other means) for accountability and tracking of progress. There may be occasional assignments, readings, workshops, etc. that I suggest depending on your goals.

Some ideas for your journey include (we will determine during your intake/1st session):
-Refining your yoga poses, learning breathing practices or meditation ideal for you.
-Instilling a daily routine (dinacharya) that brings balance and supports an Ayurvedic/Yogic lifestyle.
-Tapping into your dharma (life purpose) and learning to work with the repeating patterns of your life (your lessons and growth).
-Learning how to practice yoga for anxiety other challenges.
-Deepen your capacity for Fundamental Wellbeing, awareness/depth and your relationship with your True Self.
-For Yoga Teachers, refining your teaching skills and learning to channel your voice, learning to connect with those who show up for your classes.
-For Holistic Solopreneurs, working with activating your dharma in the world (truth in action) through getting to the heart of what wants to be expressed through you, practical aspects of goal setting, market research, learning to brand and generally move forward in sharing what is uniquely yours to share.
-Additionally you can use this format for regular Jyotisha readings for transits, right timing, divination, or even Reiki sessions.

In group formats we don’t get the personalized attention that working 1:1 with someone provides. It’s my honor to be a guide on your journey.

With compassion, we start somewhere…and keep going.