Artful Yoga @ Studio 8 Yoga

Artful Yoga @ Studio 8 Yoga

We all create, with every step we take, every thought we think, word we speak… I’m learning to be more deliberate with my creations through my practice of yoga and with my friend and art teacher, Bobbi Leslie. We hosted our first Artful Yoga class at Studio 8 Yoga & Wellness on February 22nd and worked with Zentangles, or what I call glorified doodling. This is my third Zentangle and I refuse to say any longer that I’m not creative. This may not be a masterpiece in the world of art, but it is my masterful creation that proves to me that I create.

It makes me consider that step I take and tread lighter on Earth, observe my thoughts as I know they manifest into reality and be more conscious with my words as they can be chosen to inspire or conspire.

Namaste ॐ
Jenn B.

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