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Friend, welcome to The ‘new’ Yoga Sanctuary…what I’m lovingly calling, Lotus Rising.

Only through the mud does the lotus flower rise up, untouched by the muck, to bloom.

As we enter this post-pandemic world together, I begin back by offering yoga classes as series (paid quarterly) only.

I’ve witnessed that more now than ever, accountability and intention are our most valuable tools. 

Committing to practice allows you integrity in your own desire and willingness to show up, it also allows me, the teacher and owner of a business, to figure out how to make this sanctuary work.

This is a sanctuary for restorative practices. As such, I share with you my values:

  • Yoga practice is for all bodies and I aim to make the classes I share assessible for most everyone.
  • I aim to build community and a sense of belongingness.
  • I create a safe environment for you to find your own inner sanctuary residing in the heart of your heart.
  • Yoga comprises more than our physical body. I acknowledge and aim to offer classes and workshops that support restoring balance in the astral/subtle body of vitality and energy as well as the causal body of higher mind, karma and soul self.

Welcome Home.

With deep appreciation and gratitude,
Jenn Brooks