2024 | Upcoming Classes and Pricing

65 & Better Wednesdays 1-2:15pm
$165 Series | $25 to drop-in single class
65 & Better | practices for adaptability in a chaotic world

This class is an accessible yoga class designed for us to be adaptable mentally, emotionally and physically. In addition to adaptability and flexibility, we will also focus on mobility and strength.
The class will start seated (in a chair or on a floor), move to standing strengthening poses, and end with a 15 minute guided journey. You do not need to be age 65+, that is just the vibe of the class.

Restorative Fusion Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

This is my signature offering; a fusion of awareness coaching, yoga, meditation, breathwork and astrology. Often I use surround sound headphones for guided journeys and epic playlists for integration.
I consider it a reset for the {collective and personal} nervous system. 
Currently accepting applications for July-September
Contact Jenn for details.
$165-600 Options
Drop-ins offered only for prior regular Tuesday students.

Reveal Light | Introduction & Personal Astrological Wheels

Basic and introductory guidance into understanding your personal astrology over the course of three sessions.

We will use our personal astrology to create an astrological wheel to track the transits of planets and gain insight into our personal astrology.

Series is $145 and includes the wheel print.
July 27 9am - Signs, houses, Ascendant, Moon
August 24 9am - Planets, Stars
September 14 9am - Finish Stars + using the wheel, and resources to continue learning

A PDF supplement is provided each week.
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As the director and operator of this space, I share with you my values:

--Yoga practice is for all bodies and I aim to make the classes I share assessible for most everyone.

--I aim to build community and a sense of belongingness.

--I create a safe environment for you to find your own inner sanctuary residing in the heart of your heart.

--I acknowledge that Yoga comprises more than our physical body. I aim to offer classes and workshops that support restoring balance in the astral/subtle body of vitality and energy as well as the causal body of higher mind, karma and soul self.

Welcome Home.

With deep appreciation and gratitude,
Jenn Brooks

Terminology I Use for The Yoga Sanctuary

Gentle and Accessible Yoga classes are ideal for those who have impaired joint mobility (bad knees, hips, shoulders) and need classes that are more accessible and gentle on those joints.

Active classes are going to involve more standing and strengthening poses and feel more like a "work-out" depending on your physical condition.

Restorative classes are passive classes that are done on the floor using a bunch of yoga bolsters and blankets. They support deep relaxation and often involves breathing and meditations practices.

Beginner and Basics classes mean there will be more instruction given, teaching elements of poses and often including personal instruction. Beginner classes can be gentle and accessible or not.

Yin Yoga is done on the floor and is a deep stretch. Modifications are offered for people with joint mobility issues. It is often practiced alongside Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra in my classes. I consider this advance yoga practice, albeit physically gentle most often.

Yoga Nidra is an advanced form of guided meditation and relaxation and journey into the heart of your heart, your innermost sanctuary. This is an advanced practice as well as the way I teach it.

Asana Clinics are workshops where I go into a set of poses and help a student learn modifications and variations and possibly deepen their asana knowledge. Asana means "pose."

Retreats and workshops are where we dive in deeper together through movement, meditation, lecture, inquiry and more.

Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga on Tuesday 6pm class is Yin/Restorative and Yoga Nidra and considered an advanced class but I will take mature beginners. We are more intentional with the sacredness of gathering together while we REST in community and attune our nervous systems with Meditations, Yin/Restorative and Yoga Nidra long guided savasana journey. This is a floor stretchy yoga class and modifications are offered for those with joint mobility issues.

Breathwork refers to a different style of working with the breath than is used in Yoga in the way I share it. In Yoga, I'm sharing breathing and pranayama practices that used to increase capacity for breath and inner spaciousness, as well as to activate Prana (life force energy). Breathwork, is a specific modality, that can be used to breath through patterns and karmas by using specific breathing patterns that create an altered state of consciousness.

The Wellness Protocols

The Wellness Protocols: As we become used to the reality that virus is endemic, the following guidelines and suggestions for collective beneficial community care, both from a physical and mental/emotional standpoint.

I ask that each of us have full autonomy for our own safety. If at any time you feel safer wearing a mask, wear it. I invite you to bring your own masks and I will have disposable masks available.

At certain times of the year when many people could be displaying symptoms of allergies. Be aware of both your own allergy responses and be compassionate to those who are dealing with allergies. Again, if at any time you feel unsafe around those displaying allergy symptoms, please wear a mask or excuse yourself from class.

To limit the risk of infection, I ask that those who attend class onsite/in-person carefully and honestly assess their health prior to heading to class and ask that anyone who is even mildly symptomatic (including sore throat, cough, sinus/nasal congestion, loss of smell, fever, or unexplained body ache or fatigue) stay home.

While I appreciate the hardship of missing a class that you may have made significant sacrifices to be able to attend, the wellbeing and care for all those attending is of utmost importance.

Together, let’s do our best to make this a safe, enjoyable, and supportive environment.

Due to the nature of this ever-changing situation, there may be a need for a shift in this protocol. I reserve the right to modify these suggestions at any time.

Updated September 11, 2023