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If you landed here, you probably know a little about my guidance through Transparency, Vedic Astrology and Astrocartography. Scroll through this page to learn get more info in the FAQ area and learn about different types of appointments. If you wish to discuss any of these offerings, please email me with any questions and we can set up a time to talk.

The Zodiac is Space, simply space, divided up into twelve equal sections called Zodiac Signs.

Through those Zodiacal signs, channeled and with or without the nine Planets, is the refracted light of the Stars, called Nakshatras.

Light is Pure Power (Shakti, Consciousness in Motion) which is refracted through the nakshatras, the planets, the signs, the houses and nuanced through each degree of the Zodiac, with exact precision, to create a blueprint for your life to unfold as you evolve at the soul level, through human form. This is more than astrology or astronomy; it is the whole of the cosmos embodied into You.

The Zodiac is a metaphor for Your Body (physical, subtle and causal). Your inner realm.

“You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” ― The Wizard of Oz

You are a soul on a journey, and this is just one stop of multitudes. Let’s make the most of it!

Intuitive Guidance:

Intuitive Guidance for Holistic Wellbeing combines all the modalities of awareness coaching, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, astrology and astrocartography, including mentoring as a teacher or learning to work with your own personal astrology. It is completely customizable to help you in your journey. 108$

Stars and Shakti is a 45-minute intro to the stars and the inherent gifts bestowed upon you at the time of your birth.
Plus you can ask 1 question, if time permits. 99$ i

Vedic Astrology Initial Meeting is a 90-minute session laying out the blueprint for your life, showing recurring patterns.
We will explore what is most relevant to you, as time permits. 197$

Vedic Astrocartography
is a 60-minute session exploring best locations for you, using your Vedic natal chart as a blueprint.
197$ - if I have read your Vedic natal chart or this is a follow-up ACG reading, there is a $75 discount

For follow-ups or on-going sessions, choose:
Vedic Astrology Follow-up Reading
- in this 60-minute session, we will dive deeper into a variety of subjects (pick 1-3 based on time permitting):
Revisit the Basics
The Moon, Sun and Karmic Axis
Purpose and Dharma
Resources, Wealth and Work
The Chakras, Energy Body and Karma
A Divination
Current and Upcoming Transits
Unfolding of Karma, the 9 cycles and your current cycle
Family Karma (2-5 sessions to explore)
Health Issues
Mental/Emotional Issues
A Journey Through the Houses
and more...

Additionally, if you wish to create a customized monthly guidance program, starting at 127$/month, message me to discuss details.

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Reveal Light | Introduction & Personal Astrological Wheels

Basic and introductory guidance into understanding your personal astrology over the course of three sessions.

We will use our personal astrology to create an astrological wheel to track the transits of planets and gain insight into our personal astrology.

Series is $145 and includes the wheel print.

July 27 9am - Signs, houses, Ascendant, Moon
August 24 9am - Planets, Stars
September 14 9am - Finish Stars + using the wheel, and resources to continue learning

A PDF supplement is provided each week.
Book here.

I've found and so many others as well, that it is comforting and affirming to see a recurring pattern that is showing up again, or at least be seen in a pattern by someone who can show it to you: Circumstances change; We go into a funk; We want to feel more purposeful; We want better relationships, to enjoy life more, make more money or have more resources, find better health. All of these things, and more are important. We want to feel fulfilled and whole.

Jyotisha (also known as Vedic Astrology or Eastern Astrology) is a form of astrology that dates to maybe 7,000 years BCE. It is based on 27 archetypal energies that have many gifts, each being immensely powerful. At the time of our birth, each of us aligned with a primary archetypal energy as well as others, creating a unique profile called…you. With life and nurturing, we lose touch with this, yet we can still feel our innate qualities beckoning to us to return and claim back our authenticity. This creates confusion. We begin a journey of seeking. A common thread that runs through the continuity of the people I work with is this: They are not new to this process of inner excavation to know thyself. Inner understanding leads to one big aha: This is not who I am…ultimately. Each of us is at a different point in our discovery process, as there are so many nuances, nooks and crannies to investigate. Each of these is a breadcrumb leading us deeper inward on this spiral staircase to understanding of our innate nature, reclaiming our authenticity abandoned years ago.

Astrocartography is a form of astrology that maps the positions of the planets at the time of your birth onto a world map. The lines on an astrocartography map represent the positions of the planets at your birth, and the closer you are to a line, the stronger the influence of that planet will be in your life. It is also important to remember that not all lines on an astrocartography map are created equal. Some lines may be more relevant to your life than others, especially considering the current karmic cycle you are in. If you are looking to take a pilgrimage, vacations, purchase a second home, relocate, find love, etc., Astrocartography may be just what you need to explore. I try to teach you in a way you can also explore on your own.

The best first step is having a 45-minute Stars and Shakti reading or the 90-minute Initial Vedic Astrology Session. This is an immense modality to explore. Each session stands alone in its power, or you can build from here with future sessions. Think of this as a therapeutic healing modality where you are in the driver's seat with a compassionate mirror guiding you on this journey inward.

To continue diving inward, you will want to schedule a following reading. You can do this as needed: monthly, quarterly, yearly... whatever works with your integration process. Additionally, I can customize a unique plan for you to help keep you on track (email me for a customized plan)... or...

Absolutely. The exact birth time established the key component of Vedic Astrology, which has to do with the unfolding of karma. We have 9 main planetary periods throughout our lives, with countless subcycles and transits. The time of your birth gives context to the meaning of the type of karma your are experiencing. With context, we can better work with the karma and know when the cycles shift. There are several ways to get your exact birth time, if you do not have it. Message me and I'll guide you through the process.