Huntington Yoga Collective

Huntington Yoga Collective

Creation of this group was inspired as a way for those who practice the discipline of yoga to connect with each other.
We welcome anyone who is just dancing around the edges of yoga, yoga instructors, to those who have been practicing yoga for many decades in the privacy of their homes to be a part of our Huntington Yoga Collective. We all have something to share…from a new mantra/affirmation of love to our community to our new favorite pose (let’s just keep the pose pictures to our personal pages, please and thank you!). You may be headed to the park for an impromptu meditation, Kirtan or a few sun salutations and wish the company of others – let us know! We may want to join you.
Please invite those who have an interest or love of yoga to join this open group. This is a work in progress and we aim to share current yoga-related events with you.
Imagine what we can achieve together…

Join us:

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