Sliding Scale, Requested Fee and Donation Oriented Yoga

From yoga in the park, at the river, a studio or in a private setting, many yoga teachers in Huntington teach, and often prefer, classes that use an alternative method of monetary exchange.

Donation can mean different things to different teachers or studios.  A donation may be accepted and contributed to a local charity as part of community support.

For other teachers, it is the way they prefer to accept monetary exchange where the student determines an amount to pay in exchange for the teachers offering of yoga.  A more precise label for this type of class may be Sliding Scale or Requested Fee.  Some teachers live off money given by the students, some will use it to fund scholarships for other students at their discretion and some teachers use donations to continue their yoga knowledge, buy props, etc.

This type of class is a personal choice of a teacher and teachers who choose this method of exchange usually have very strong reasons for donations, sliding scale or requested fee. Ask your teacher her/his reason or philosophy so you have a better understanding of your teacher and the undertone of the class.

Now, who is game for free beach yoga?


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