Women’s Wellness Retreat

Women's Wellness Retreat

Please join us as for a weekend of wellness and the healing arts,
celebrating the women and their evolving friendships.

Although the exact details are still being finalized over the next months, in effort to get this inaugural event planned, we want to give you an idea of what to expect.  Offerings are subject to change and some are weather dependent.  Over the course of the weekend, there will be opportunities to attend a variety of personal care sessions, yoga and wellness activities.  We will have guest speakers during lunch and dinner on wellness and living in a balanced way.  All meals are heath conscious and prepared by Isabel Cross and Tammy Hugh.

Body workers and healers will be on hand providing massage and energy work at extra cost.

Saturday Evening Presentation with Anna Pittman:  Evolution of Friendship Among Women.  She will share how we, as women, can learn to support each other through daily trials and triumphs. We will also learn how to access the Divine Feminine energy so to enrich all of our relationships.

About Camp Mad Anthony Wayne:  CMAW is one of the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation properties and is located 2 miles past the VA Hospital on Spring Valley.  The lodge sleeps 28 in bunk beds in the loft.  There are also 4 cabins that have 4 bunk beds each and can accommodate air mattresses.  Tent camping is also available.  NOTE:  Reservations will be confirmed first come, first served as payment arrives.  An email will be sent from me confirming your space.  Please let me know your preference and if you are wanting a cabin for a group of friends, please make contact with me for arrangements.  Please note that although the cabins are more private, they also do not contain a restroom so you would have to trek to the lodge or “camp.”  The cabins will only be available after 5pm on Saturday.

Contact Jenn at 304.638.9608 or jbrooks0703@comcast.net for an application and further details.  Join Facebook Event if you are attending to stay up to date with the latest emerging details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/823051674399334/

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