ॐ My Journey Toward Prajna ॐ

What does it mean to complete a level 2 or advanced yoga training program?  What is this designation of RYT500 from Yoga Alliance?  Am I now teaching people how to balance on their heads while holding their big toe as their spine is all twisty like a pretzel?  Absolutely not!  In fact, my “friends-slash-yoga students” will likely tell you that I’m a much gentler teacher today than a few years ago. This doesn’t mean they don’t get to sweat and tremble, that happens.  And we don’t just sit, legs crossed, hands folded, chanting OM.  Although that happens, too.

I’ve slowed way down. I see them.  I see my family.  I see my community.  From a place of inner peace and calm, I meet my world.  I literally stop and smell the roses amidst busy-ness, crisis, body challenges, excitement.

I cannot speak to all advanced yoga training programs, of course, but I can, with authority of my own knowing, speak about the program from which I just completed.  Today, my understanding of advanced yoga means using the advanced yoga techniques and not bypassing an opportunity to relate with my body, to feel it and address its needs.  As students in a class practicing the advanced techniques, we practice “on the mat” with a teacher who guides us through a pose deliberately to feel what arises in the body-mind complex, allow everything, if we are willing, and explore.  Eventually, something happens when we stop bypassing and really explore…and our nervous systems start to relax enough to let more life in.

To all teachers of yoga in our community – I invite you to consider this unique program, regardless of your current level of certification.  Directed by Anna Pittman of The Breathing Space in Blacksburg, Virginia, this unique Advanced Yoga and Self Awareness program is planned to begin in a few short months – in Huntington.  If you are looking to deepen your practice of Yoga, become more aware, live more fully and possibly share Yoga from that inner place of peace and calm, this is the program for you.  You’ll learn tools to deepen your own practice, your ability to articulate and share with your students and live a fuller, real existence.  You can find more details at:  http://thebreathingspace.org/hytt-300.html.

To my teacher, classmates, friends, family, colleagues, community – thank you for the love and support during this program.  I felt embraced and loved as my circle, my community rose up to support my journey and my travels.  I’m so grateful to live in Huntington I can reciprocate by sharing yoga “on the mat” and in my daily life.



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