Taking off

Excellent from my friend, Mary Beth Ferda. She will also be a contributor of the Women’s Wellness Retreat August 22-23 – Thai Massage!

I am seeing four-maybe-five clients today.

The last time I remember seeing five clients in one day, it was a Monday in early spring of 2014. I started the day by receiving a massage myself. I looked at my day’s schedule with apprehension. My clients were squeezed together with few breaks for me to rest, snack, and hydrate. I wondered at what point during the day I would hit that wall — the one where I wonder if I really have enough energy, emotional resources, and calories to burn through in order to do the kind of work I take pride in.

Actually, I wasn’t apprehensive about that workday. I was dreading it. I ain’t a back-to-back bodywork kinda girl.

So there I was that Monday morning with my dread. I saw my first client. And I saw my second client. And I noticed, not too far into the day…

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