Autumn 30 Day Asana Challenge

asana challengeLast evening over dinner with a fellow yoga teacher, Gloria Sage, we empathized with each other on making time for some daily movement. Both of us desiring to strengthen or increase flexibility in certain areas of our physical bodies, especially as we are getting to an age where we see yoga asana as maintaining physical functionality, not achieving some glorious inversion or beautiful physical form (hey, we love what yoga does for a body, also).

So here it is:  We asked our yoga group and got a resounding “Yes!” We are going for 30 days of yoga poses, 15 minutes a day, in the privacy of our homes tucked away in a corner with our mats.  Ok, well, not that private since I’m posting about it on my web blog which will be pushed onto my social media pages.  And some of our group will undoubtedly post beautiful images of their poses and we will fully embrace and like the heck out of those posts. Because yoga selfies or no, yoga asana feels good and we want more of it…on and off of social media.

If you need support and want to join in this challenge, just message me on Facebook or at


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