Winter Solstice – Rebirth

christmas!.jpg“Nothing changes or grows without the food of some other sacrifice.”  This sums up my year, even the last decade.  This is a quote that sits with in my heart all the time and is from a book that seems to have been written just for me, Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women by Sylvia Brinton Perera.

Last night was the start of something new…private Yoga sessions in my home.  I was joined by some very special people who were unaware (at the time) that this was a very big deal for me.  I’ve held sessions from time to time in my home and this was different.  I’m welcoming in a new birth as I evolve into sharing what really resonates with me deep in my heart.

The timing is so interesting.  This year has been full of trying out new and different things from doing speaking engagements and consulting with more clients for social media to teaching more Yoga classes and balancing the two to find my groove…where I fit in. All my life I’ve been looking for this place, where do I belong?

Even though I’m ringing in this new birth, some things will still be the same.  So don’t look for big changes, it’s all very subtle.  My open Yoga schedule can be found by clicking here or message me for information on (semi) private Yoga.

#HappyWinterSolsticeHappyBirthdayMerryChristmasHappyNewYear to me.  Or maybe just a simple Happy Holidays makes sense after all?

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