Are you living in a cloud or drama?


Most of us either live in a cloud or in a drama. Let’s learn to get real!  Join Anna Pittman this Saturday, January 30, as she offers this special all-day workshop filled with life changing tools and inquiries. We will focus on 3 skills:

Internal Awareness & Heart Intelligence:  The skillful art of connecting to your truth rather than your conditioning, or your pain, as a means for intimacy and authentic connection in relationship.

We have all been taught to communicate with ideas of who we should be, and from our left brain thinking experience. Learning to listen spaciously, without judgment or fixing, is truly a skill. We will practice how to access embodied awareness, listening, and yes, communicating from our internal, embodied truth.  Through direct inquiry in pairs and in group we will learn how to listen to your own body, mind, emotions, energy, and intuition so that you can authentically know and share that moment to moment truth.  This is what I call Line In.

Relational Awareness & Connection:  The how-to’s of communicating from your heart without blame or judgment.

Together we will inquire into a “read.” That is, how to sense, hear, validate, and receive another human being in their best, and in their most difficult moments. Through inquiry we will explore how to share concerns and disappointments, without guilt or shame. This is what is called Line Out.

Presence & Radiance:  The key to sustainable change and joy!

In this segment we will learn the priceless skill of the Emotional GPS!  Oddly enough, most people know exactly where they want to be, and feel, but have real challenges in fully landing where they are! In this inquiry we learn to land, energetically and joyfully in our deepest challenge so that we can create what we long to experience. This skill marks the difference between creating and communicating from fear or love and guarantees your ability to expand your emotional horizons and heart’s intelligence.

Location:  PeaceTree Center, 5930 Mahood Drive
(previously the Pea Ridge Elementary School)
Date:  January 30th, Saturday
Time:  9am until 6pm
Lunch:  Bring your own lunch, a microwave is available.  Break 1-2pm.
Price:  $185
Deadline:  The deadline for registering for this workshop is this Thursday, the 28th. To sign up, visit:
More info:  Email Anna or Email Jenn


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