“Moody Friends”

That’s a weird blog post title, isn’t it?  Today I want to share with you about my friend, Nichole Webb. First with just a little background: Nichole and I become friends 15 years ago…neighbor friends. She lived two doors down and we coexisted pleasantly as neighbors.  I knew before she did that she was pregnant – she just had that glow.  Then she moved, I had my mid-life drama, and Facebook happened.  She made a cryptic post that few related to but I knew immediately we had something to talk about:  The mystery of life.  We started meeting once a month and spent that time getting real with each other (to the best of our abilities) about what was happening as we were simultaneously expanding our ability to live life more sanely, fully.  I’ll have to admit, she did a pretty great job getting real with what was happening with her as I struggled to make sense of it…of life.  Most of the time I had no sense of how I felt.  We’ve always been like that though, opposites in a way.  And we have sticking power from this deeper understanding that no matter how clumsily we express, that there is something more true animating us.

Nichole opened her own private business recently, LiveWell Counseling and Wellness Center in downtown Huntington. She counsels and coaches people to assist them in improving the quality of their lives.  It’s really exciting to see her blossom and expand and affect positive change in our community…in her unique expression. She also has an interest in Yoga and how yoga tools are helping her clients find more balance.  She shares these tools in sessions with clients, workshops and dance parties.

On March 6th, we are partnering up to share tools of yoga to help manage mood imbalance, such as anxiety and depression.  These are tools we will teach you that you can take with you and implement in your life, wherever you are…work, home, yoga class, driving, eating.  This first session is our introduction, to give you some tools and a sampling of what is to come.  In April will be our full-series, a month long series of weekly classes that will build upon each other with deeper understanding of the tools…resources for you, with a few perks.  We do have limited space and are pleased that this is well received.  If this speaks to you, you may want to reserve your spot today and sign up online by clicking here.  Details about time, location, price are listed on the website.  You can always contact me (HuntingtonYoga@gmail.com) or Nichole with questions.  We will announce the full series details first at the March 6th introductory workshop and allow those participants to sign up first and then make available this full series to everyone to sign-up online.

408085_4781760419249_1961628565_nMore about us:

Nichole Webb, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher. She specializes in a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to mental health and has 15 years of experience helping others heal from depression and anxiety, learn to manage stress, transition through life changes, and improve their relationships with their spouses, children, parents, friends, coworkers and perhaps most importantly, themselves.  Many clients seek her out because they wish to minimize their use of psychotropic medications (if possible) or wish to supplement medications with other tools.

Through her own personal journey, which began 12 years ago during pregnancy, she discovered a passion for mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and the mind-body connection, which she gradually incorporated into her work with clients, and began witnessing promising results, leading her to further explore modalities outside of traditional “talk therapy” including 56-hours of LifeForce Yoga for Mood Management (Level 1) training with Amy Weintraub in Tucson, AZ and 100 hours of Let Your Yoga Dance teacher training at Kripalu with Megha~Nancy Buttenheim.

Nichole has often been described as “an old soul” and clients often appreciate her accepting, warm, calming presence and demeanor.   She provides loving support while helping clients achieve higher levels of self-awareness and ultimately a greater acceptance of themselves, in order to make necessary changes, while still allowing them to be on their own journey, in their own perfect timing. For more visit: www.myheartcoach.com.

 Jenn Brooks has been teaching yoga since 2012 having completed Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Self Awareness Program with Anna Pittman of The Breathing Space in Blacksburg, Virginia.  She continues deepen her relationship to Self through Anna’s extended programs and other Master teachers.

Jenn’s classes reflect her soft, personal practice, focusing on the subtleties of the inner body such as stillness, movement, breath, sensation and vibration.  This refined and skillful knowing and guidance leads her students to a more relaxed and renewed way of being in the world.  These classes can be described as gentle, restorative and physically suitable for those new to yoga as well as those desiring a deeper, more intimate practice.

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