• bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.
  • join together so as to provide access and communication.
  • to join (two or more things) together
  • to place or establish in relationship

I’ve always had this unspoken talent that I call ‘connecting the dots’.  As a jack-of-many-trades for most of my life, connecting with others comes easily to me and is really a gift in my parts of my life.  Connecting with myself is not so easy at times.  But the practices of the tradition of Yoga have helped me with this ability to tune in and just be (connected).

When I’m not connecting to my needs, life gets tricky.  My system gets stressed and then I have no idea what is up or down…but here is the trick – I usually have no idea this is even happening. I soothe myself by taking care of others, my family and friends, which seems like a good thing but in the meantime I’m not connected and instead of flowing, I’m making stuff happen. After enough stress, my body calls foul and I have to re-evaluate. Re-connect.  This is just one pattern, one story, one way life has conditioned me to respond.

So I practice…Yoga.  Yoga is a Sanskrit word that literally means to Yoke.  Or Connect. The big questions beckon me…what is this that we are connecting or yoking together?  I know it is something much more than this mind/body/spirit construct that we talk about in western postural yoga classes.  Connect has become one of the main themes, for lack of a better word, of the Yoga classes I teach.  Through a breath-centered practice, we learn first to become introverted, finding an inner experience of ourselves and then from that grounded place, begin to explore, strengthen and nourish.

For months now, I’ve wanted to write about my perspective of Yoga.  It changes daily so that is one reason I don’t write.  Another reason is that it is a very personal practice…this practice of removing constructs that keep me from connecting.  For now, I’ll write on occasion, sharing what my practice is about.  Just know that I retain all rights to evolve with my perspective moment to moment.  My personal practice equals what I teach. It cannot be any other way.  I welcome you to read my stories, try out a class, explore Yoga with me.

ॐ प्रज्ञा

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