Tues 7-8pm Free Family Yoga at the Museum!

While organizing the upcoming Family Yoga Event at the Huntington Museum of Art on June 21st, the idea of family yoga was immediately obvious to me.  My family is non-traditional and I think of not only my husband, step-daughters and their husbands, and of course, Ellie as my family…but also my husband’s extended family, my original family, my best friend who is my sister at heart, my yoga family… it quickly becomes clear… Family is All.  One tribe:  Family.

With that in mind, this Family Yoga event isn’t just about little kids coming with parents. It is also about parents bringing their parents, grandparents bringing grandchildren, the local baseball team, BFFs and red hat ladies (is that still a thing?), and knitting clubs coming to stretch out their tight shoulders, breath and be with their community. One Tribe.

And some of our family has abilities different than others.  With this peaceful time together, we hope to provide yoga that is accessible for all. Some may have physical mobility issues or differently-abled in their unique way…we hope to provide a practice that brings enjoyment to all who attend.  If you feel unsure, please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Email: huntingtonyoga@gmail.com.

How do you define family?

Here are links to my schedule and courses:
Drop in classes – Mon & Wed evenings
65 & Better – starts June 20th
Yoga Poses Clinics – Starts June 30th
Beyond the Poses: Yoga for the New Student – this fall


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