It was hard to get on my mat today…
And I’m the one in front of the room.

For many years, I’ve turned away from the external influencers, the media, minding my own business, fanning the flames of my own heart and tending to my transformation. Now the world begs me to bear witness, to let my heart break and to grieve. Without drama, without blame or judgment. Then the clouds clear and the subtle, radiant glow emanates and all is well – in this moment.

Is your heart hurting? Mine, too. Re-turn inward. Stay with the uncomfortableness, the pain. Allow the fiery transformation. Watch for projections that come from the ordinary mind doing what it does…then move that attention deeper…to your heart. Let it break just a little and see what happens. Feel. Share.

It was hard to get on my mat today…
And I’m glad I got here.

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