Fierce Love

Sisters. Brothers. Read on, please.

Half of you will love this; half of you will hate this. Either way, we all seem to be affected deeply by another’s opinion, another’s point of view. But we don’t step away and ask why…we just project our personal and ‘right’ point of view in a way that shames and belittles others. Or we glorify and hold up the other.

I’ve been watching and listening and feeling with this in my nervous system for a week, a year, longer, this movement of women and myself and in many cases our brothers rise up and speak their truth, walk into a hostile fire knowing they will be burned, and do it anyway.

We justify points of view with #metoo, with scripture, with ‘Innocent until Proven Guilty’, with our maturity, with anything we can to use as a weapon to defend ourselves. Is this necessary?

Claim your experience. Own your perspective. And as half of your sisters and brothers come to glorify you or the other half to villainize you, realize that is their own perspective they cannot currently claim or own. Let’s pave the way for each person to be able to stand high, express their own truth without projecting onto another.

In my inner world I ask myself…constantly…questions like this when I’m really struggling with finding my truth: What is this I’m feeling? Is it new or old? Can I stay with this uncomfortableness and still state what I desire to express? Do I need anyone to agree with me? And this is a big one…do I feel superior or inferior to those who try to project upon me or who are stating different opinions?

Donald Trump is a gift to help me see what I couldn’t see before…the shadows lurking keeping me limited in my ability to express authentically. These strong reactions either side of the spectrum are opportunities for each of us to open up to this inner world in a deeper, more profound way, and find inner wisdom and creativity yearning to move through into this world.  Challenge yourself. Feel your feels. Speak truth even when it comes out messy and shaky and unwelcomed. Embrace your sisters and brothers as they brave this journey.

I prefer one on one discussions and open my time up freely. If you want to practice speaking your truth, claiming your experience, regardless if you ‘think’ I agree with you or not, please, come see me. Schedule here:

#notarepublicananymore #notademocrat #loveyourneighbor #notamused #claimyourtruth #compassion

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