Peace Practice

When we practice yoga, we are shifting our nervous systems to a state of rest. From this place is where peace and joy and authenticity arise…our natural, loving presence. From an unnatural state stuck in the “on” position is where confusion happens. We cannot see our way out. It’s like a maze we keep winding through making wrong turns and hitting blocks. For a moment we think we have the answers only to find we made another wrong turn and find another block.

For those of us who have reflective practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga etc, when we practice we are shifting away from this activated state and resting more and more. Each time we practice, that is our gift to the world. We land more in peace and joy and loving states which are natural and not manufactured. Take a moment today and to be still and breath. And pray. And shift. We can raise the vibration. We all can contribute to love.

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