You are what you eat. Including Roundup :-(

Soap box rant or another one of my inspired moments. You choose but I feel a desire to express because so many of us are struggling.

Over the last 20 years I’ve progressively had more and more inflammatory symptoms leading to an array of diagnoses and medical advice that has had one thing in common: That what I’m eating is not the problem. Food doesn’t cause XX or XX (other than food allergies, then of course, the food was the problem, but even that was subjective to what tests, what was happening, etc.).

Now that I’m moving to root cause inquiry, I’m finding that my toxic system has more to do with this stuff than anything else. And probably living in the middle of farm country with well water in the 80’s set me up for a doomed system, meaning a very sensitive system that even apparently good food harms.

However, I’ve had proof that cleaning up what I take in actually does work. And it is hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’m not good at it at all. But when I get rid of all the chemicals that I can, including eating only organic and eating only animals that only ate organic and never ate grains, I see a HUGE difference.

It’s actually remarkable. Aches and pains that I thought were injuries disappear. Although I’ve always been an optimistic and “up” type of personality, my mental clarity and presence increased dramatically. My ability to concentrate was astonishing (and I’m a regular meditator).

But this is hard. It is expensive and our entire culture doesn’t support it and there is also the deeply personal intricacies that make it extremely hard to stay on this path. That is why I started training in a root mother medicine healthcare system (Ayurveda), so I could personally work on these things and support myself to finding as good health as I can given the circumstances of the world I live in.

Doing Yoga isn’t enough. Meditating isn’t enough. Personal processing and processing of ancient traumas isn’t enough. The fake pyramid food systems we’ve been fed is never going to work. We need to learn to live like our ancestors. We need to take a look at the whole entire system. What does my body need? What does my subtle body and my vital energy system need? How about my mind, my conditioned response? And how I express myself? And my deeply spiritual nature? We cannot ignore any of these and try the old “mind-over-matter” this if we want the best health we can have. We have to be deeply curious and be willing to fail and be frustrated and never completely have it right. We have to take 100% responsibility of what we take in: Through our mouths, our eyes, our ears, our noses, our skin and other ways we take in. Protect your consciousness to the best of your ability.

Every little bit helps. It may not be perfect but it is worthwhile. And let doctors help also but they don’t have the answers, they are here to support us. You be the authority on you.

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