Three types of replies…

I recently asked my social sphere about their favorite Random Act of Kindness. It was an innocent request as I had four blank cards I was hoping to fill with some inspired tasks. I received three types of responses: A sharing from their perspective as a giver of RAK, a few remarks about not kissing and telling, and (my favorite) a sharing of a favorite RAK received. It got me reflecting and contemplating…

Here is one thing I’ve learned over the years of teaching a peace practice. We all are responding to our own experience. None of these responses are right or wrong, or good or bad, or on the scale of black or white. They are all true from that individual perspective in that moment when asked. Maybe something positive was triggered as they were asked to reflect on a random act of kindness and they remembered how touching it was to be seen by another individual, or they were touched with a feeling of hope in that they may be able to share their peace and good fortune with another or possibly something “negative” was touched in them that propelled them to respond. And potentially many were touched either way without responding. Many perspectives; one question.

This leaves me desiring to share two things :

First, I have some cool Kindness cards to inspire you to be kind these next few months. I get in a rut and need something to redirect me and possibly take me out of my comfort zone where I so often reside. Yes, I’m generally a kind person and do a lot of things that are kind. But is there a limit to kindness? Do you ever feel that way? Maybe just reading those comments on my post inspired you to find a way to share yourself with your community in a new way. OR…when you are in class next, take a card. Be inspired.  If you don’t attend classes with me, use the picture here or message me and I will text you a card with a RAK (you can still be a part of our Kindness tribe). PS…these cards came from Madeline’s Boutique at SMMC. It’s one of my favorite places to shop (shameless plug for a good cause). Tell us about your RAK that you gifted to another or received…or don’t. Either way works for me. I love to be inspired by the good things in my social sphere vs. the political things.

Second, going deep in yoga studies (or other practices) can help you find this type of freedom. You know, the kind of freedom that allows you to let others be themselves, wherever they are and with whatever is arising in their experience, “negative or positive.” Now that doesn’t mean, you don’t clarify or set boundaries for yourself. But it does mean that you understand that what someone else is experiencing is uniquely their experience and part of their spiritual evolution. Imagine if we all were able to apply this practice to our liberal or conservative social sphere and family (you know what I’m talking about). I’m passionate about sharing how ancient wisdom practices can help us see the divine in others. It just so happens, I have a training happening soon, in January 2020. If you’d like to learn more, come to the meet-up this Sunday at 2pm in my yoga sanctuary. It’s free and at a minimum, you’ll get to hang with me and pick a RAK card. And potentially you’ll be with some cool cats talking yoga and hopes and dreams.

There is a whole community rising. It is a tribe of people who are way finders and torch bearers of peace and ease. This is a way in which we can be present for our community alongside so many challenging situations…which is a conversation for another day.


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