Yoga and Self Mastery

Can you hear that subtle little whisper beckoning you? There may be a hint or a suggestion that there is more to be experienced than this, something deeper and more true than than being confined by this limited conditioning that you may be aligned with.

That whispering is calling you home to your authentic self…your more essential nature. This nature has the feeling tone of peace and ease and joy and compassion. And it is an ideal point from which to navigate your life. And it takes a good deal of self mastery to land here more and more often, beyond conditioning and these limiting beliefs we’ve built our life upon. 

My foundational yoga program is about finding this out for yourself, bit by bit, inch by inch. Unraveling decades of conditioning so you can emerge, like a butterfly from the cocoon, with wings for flight, bringing beauty to your community, your family, your life. Flirting around and enjoying the nectar of life and simultaneously being nectar for others. And…you learn how to begin to share this practice with others, as you find this peace and ease and joy, it becomes natural to bring others with you on this journey. Even if it is just through actions and conversations. 

Additionally, we will learn the poses of yoga (how to do yoga) in year one, and then we will unlearn them and dive deeper into the realm of experiencing and feeling (how to be yoga)…how to take these teachings and practices and let them melt you and transform you into something new but really this something was there all along.

I have about 5 spots left in this program. The next one is likely to be offered in 2022-2023 but possibly later than that. I really like to work with the people I’m training in a mentoring capacity and help them find their unique way into the world. That takes time and more than just a program. We need support from those who’ve come before us. 

I also offer this type of work on a one to one basis if you have that luxury and prefer to work at your own pace. (Message me). 

By the way, this program is for anyone who has the desire and longing to do this work regardless of your skill level or knowledge of yoga. You’ll soon find out that yoga is such a broad topic that you are just breaking the surface of it regardless of how long you’ve studied or practiced. And, still, begin to share and teach with your own authority and authenticity. 

Namaste 🕉

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