Yoga and a Tribe

If you’ve been to class recently, you know that I’m in the middle of a big overhaul of how I’m sharing yoga. I’m becoming more clear on my dharma (purpose) and how I serve and as I do that, I have new ways I want to share yoga that is accessible and relevant. This may speak to you. If so, read on.

I really work hard to create a safe space for us to practice and a space that facilitates miracles (healing). I make no bones about that. Yoga is a healing modality, not a workout. We arrive to the practice as spiritual beings having a human experience. The spiritual being has no need for healing. However, being human is a different story. Having this body and this mind and emotional turbulence can create havoc on our nervous system. And that is the part of us that needs healing work so the spiritual being can maneuver through with less obstructions and serve our community.

However, arriving in the yoga sanctuary isn’t as easy as we sometimes imagine it. Life and challenges get in the way and before long we have lost our chance to practice. For as long as I’ve been teaching, I’ve been asked to make videos and I’ve made a few, as well as some audio recordings and written sequences. Recently, I reached clarity. I will begin to build a library of 15-60 minute practice videos that will include:

  • gentle warmup style movement and breathing
  • accessible classes using a chair and other props you can find in your home
  • classes featuring specific asanas, such as Triangle pose (trikonasana) – if you have the book 30 Essential Yoga Poses for Beginning Students and Their Teachers by Judith Hanson Lasater, you’ll enjoy that as a reference to a few of these videos
  • restorative yoga
  • yin yoga
  • a variety of breathing practices
  • a variety of meditations
  • and classes based on YOUR requests and needs (email me)

Most of these classes will be short, 15-20 minutes so that you can find time to practice at home. I’ll teach you how to mix and match classes to make a longer home practice.

For now, this library will be hosted in a private Facebook Group and I’ll start creating the videos live next week. This will be a trial run to see if Facebook works for me and the practitioners. I’m talking about a low-key solution by using Facebook and my home equipment. And the good news for you, my class members, it will be free for you! If you are enrolled in a class series, it is free. No hidden costs. You miss a class? No worries, you can hop onto the FB Group.

If you are not a class series member, I’ve got you covered. The monthly price for access to this building library is yet to be determined but in the realm of what you might pay for one yoga class with me. In addition to access to these practice videos, you will be in a tribe of yoga practitioners that all practice together in some way. Even if you don’t see us, you’ll be with us in spirit and in the online platform. 

To access these online videos:
1) You’ll need Facebook.
2) You’ll need to request access to the Facebook Group
3) If you aren’t in a class series, you’ll need to message me for a trial run through December 31st. I’m offering this trial to 20 non-class members.

Stay tuned next week for the first 4 practice videos coming your way. If you are already in the group, I’ll let you know when the live practices are scheduled so you can try to join live or rewatch in the future.

Namaste 🕉

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