My Journey with Yoga

It was totally on accident…but maybe this was always the plan. I had always been attracted to yoga and the healing arts. As yoga became more popular and I would see pictures in magazines or commercials with people doing yoga poses, it just felt like home. I daydreamed about going to Costa Rica and doing a month-long teacher training but that didn’t seem realistic to my lifestyle or my financial reality. I had always dabbled around in yoga practice to a degree. I don’t remember not knowing the poses. I watched VHS tapes, cable shows and eventually DVDs then I heard about a teacher coming to town monthly with a teacher training and self awareness program and knew that was for me. Over the course of a year and a half, we would have these amazing weekends once a month that I called my personal retreat. We would learn yoga poses, techniques and philosophy and delve into the mystery of life and what it means to be aware and take 100% responsibility for your experience. I ended up studying with her another 4 years or so, travelling to Blacksburg, VA for most of that time.

I signed up because it was a self awareness program and there wasn’t anything like that around this area at the time. I had no idea, nor plans, of becoming a yoga teacher. In fact, I had so much anxiety and stress when talking to groups of people more than, say, 2 people. Within months, so much of my constraints were lifting through the practices and technologies that yoga brings to us. My dedication as a student became more and more solid and within 5 months I was starting to share yoga with my friends in private classes, based on their insistence and interest. After a few years of cultivating my teaching skills, an opportunity found me to land in Barboursville in my inspired Yoga Sanctuary, where I now teach mostly restorative practices to my students and teach other people how to begin to teach restorative practices.

This western yoga is a funny thing these days and ranges from something that resembles step-aerobics and extreme gymnastics to meditations. I fall on the spectrum of yoga for the nervous system, what I call restorative practices. There isn’t any one book you can read to figure that out. It comes straight out of my own journey and evolution with my teachers, my studies and most importantly, my personal practices. My goal is to try to take these more advanced practices and make them accessible and more importantly, translatable, for immediate results.

No matter how useful yoga is, if the language and practice isn’t modern and relevant and addressing the issues of our times, addiction, anxiety and dis-ease, then it isn’t a life-changing practice. It needs to have staying power and be relate-able.

So here I am, today, taking an ancient, mystical, healing therapy and breaking it down into relevant bites so you can find freedom and relief. I give you a map and teach you how to read it. You do the work and explore the territory.

I have about 3 spots left. You don’t have to have any special gifts or skills to take this program. If you want life-changing results, you do the work that I lay out for you. The program is very digestible, over 24 months. We meet six weekends each year on Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm (retreat weekends as I use to call them) and over 24 Friday evenings per year from 5:30-8:30pm. We start on January 10th.

You don’t need to have a ton of experience. You don’t need to be in a certain age group. And you don’t need to have a specific fitness level. Nor do you need to share what you learn with others,although you might want to. However, you do need to have a desire to be melted by the practice so that transformation can find you. This program is for anyone wanting to dive deeper into their practice and sharing with others is an option.

My journey continues and there  is more to my story but I only share in person, heart to heart. I hope you will join me. To learn more, message me at or visit my website.

“Yoga Teacher Training changed my life.  It allowed me to open my eyes to my true self and how much peace I can create on my own.  Practically speaking, I have learned how to better communicate with others, connect and just be.  My relationships are more clear and open, with my friends, family and myself.  I personally recommend going through this training whether or not you intend to teach.  Do it for you. “

– T.T. – a 2018 graduate

“I signed up for Jenn’s yoga teacher training program in 2017 because I wanted to deepen my own knowledge of yoga, not because I felt a call to teach it myself. However, her program gave me the knowledge I sought PLUS the confidence in my own practice that I needed in order to feel that call. I now love being able to introduce the peace that I found through yoga to others in the area.”

– L.C. – a 2018 graduate

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