2020 is the time to renew and strengthen your commitment to self care…

There is a certain power that comes when you work within the field of a group who share similar concerns and longings. We feel seen and understood and that one little seemingly small thing allows our nervous system to relax and receive the information it may not have been able to receive before due to a perceived threat. Logically, this doesn’t make sense. We tend to want to do things on our own, in private, hiding when we fail and our sense of disconnection increases or “coming out of our shell” on social media and revealing just the part that looks good and perfect and happy. Sound familiar?

I’m starting a new online group to supplement and strengthen your home practice of taking care of yourself in the most nurturing and restorative of ways. It is designed for you to attend in real time with the group via a Zoom web conferencing (available for free) or as you are available in your own timing (by access of the recordings). You will still have the support of the group, if you want, via our private Facebook group, where we can share, ask questions and support each other. 

Regular self care practice is hard. It is a practice. We tend to do the things we like to do…a lot…for me that would be things like taking long baths, meditation and reading books, drinking wine with my hubby in the evening and watching TV (yes, I consider that last one self care). But as I study Ayurveda and the science of life, I have come to understand that like increases like. So I get on the wheel of this relaxation lifestyle and, although it seems balanced and lovely, it isn’t serving me well. I need movement. I need to connect with people and be of service to the world and fulfill my dharma. I need to hang out with my granddaughter and my mother-in-law. So, practically speaking, I have to look at the whole picture and figure out why I don’t have the momentum for these things and add practices that will encourage movement in my life expression. That is self care also and it is much needed for my deep contentment of being and living a fulfilled life. 

This is different than mind over matter. Yes, I could just make myself do those things and a lot of times I do. I’ve spent most of my 50 years task mastering my life so I know that role well and also know the highs of checking things off my list, accomplishing, and the lackluster residue of not fully engaging with my life that meets my highest calling. These accomplishments were more like obligations or chores because I’ve forced myself and didn’t bring me the kind of contentment and joy that I desire and long for. So, I’m interested in the root of the root. The desire tells me what is missing or wrong. I could put a band-aid on it and just do that thing. OR I can look at what in my lifestyle is not supporting this natural movement in the first place. When I find that balance, I naturally flow in the direction of my longings and then the residue remains of contentment and fulfillment, of a life well lived. 

Here is the hard part. I don’t do the things regularly that set me up to meet my longing of connection in the world. That is where the practice and discipline comes in. I do not need to work on baths, meditation and general chill-out time. I’ve got that one down. Solidly.  Checked off the list every single day. And then some. I need support and systems in place to support the opposite for my self care.

In this program, we are going to meet once a month. That’s all. I’ll provide some new topic and information for you to consider, reflect upon and potentially add to your life. There will be light reading and a structure for your understanding to the degree that suits you at this point in your life. Some people will want to play around the edges and add things here and there and others will want to jump in, have one-on-one sessions with me and dive deep into understanding what is preventing them from being able to do their self care. I’ve got you covered either way.

More details, including pricing options, a very general overview of the year, and more can be found on my website at www.jennbrooksyoga.com/ayurveda. In the next three Radical Self Care sessions on December 21, 28 and January 4, we will lightly be discussing some of the key concepts of rejuvenation, along with restorative practices. If you are interested in learning more before joining the program, be sure to attend one or all three of these sessions. Here is more about the Radical Self Care: www.jennbrooksyoga.com/light. I hope you will join me. 🕉

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