Your Words Matter

We are triggered more by telling someone what is right in our life than by sharing what’s wrong. What’s wrong is basically our normal lens of perception these days. We seemed programmed to look for the threat – the threat to our opinions and beliefs, the threat of not having enough to meet our needs whether attention or food (money, success) etc. and this runs us…it runs our society. But look around the room you are in right now and notice, almost everything is right. You are sitting here with a device that costs hundreds of dollars (hundreds!!!) and you are probably in a warm room, and have lots of safety and luxury. Almost everything is “right”, right?

I’m turning 50 in a few days. I’ve been asked by one of my mentors to really make this desire of mine to celebrate this sacred time of my life a big deal (for me). If you know me, you know that I’m generally not one to do that. But I’m going to. 

Career-wise, my first 50 years was about getting here, to a degree. Gaining skills (business, organization, marketing, teaching, mentoring and coaching) in order to effectively impact my community by sharing life changing ancient wisdom practices and lifestyle.  Looking back, I can really appreciate those skills I was accumulating even though it wasn’t a right fit for me. I needed to be able to sell and market myself, to be an accountable business person who shows up in a spiritual realm. It seems I found the perfect mix of skills to make this work for me.

This next 50 years seems to be about sharing and effective communication. Taking all of these skills and taking all of my spiritual practices, and making them practical and applicable for those in my community. To take something esoteric and intangible and making it relevant and practical so that others can also share.

I’m really stepping into that realm and what I need is your support. 

I’m asking for your words of affirmation. At my party, I’ll have a place to gather them or you can message me directly and I’ll print out and add to my jar. 

Tell me in this first 50 years of my life, at least one thing I said or did that impacted you in a positive way. I’m not asking what you think of me but instead how my actions influenced you positively. 

Here is the thing: I teach empowerment to others, i.e. how to fully step into your authenticity and shine this powerhouse of a light on your community. The more I’m stepping into my own, the more I’m able to show others how to do this. We all need reminded of the small actions that may never have been given a second thought. Those are the golden nuggets I’m looking for.

Shine your light with me. We need you. 

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