Radical Self Care | Thursdays 6-8pm

(Workshops, Clinics and Special Event with Guests)

Expect to laugh, learn and be challenged as you grow through meditation, journaling, movement and other practices.

These workshops include asana clinic-style movement (mindful joints) practice, meditation, inquiry, daily routine (Dinacharya) practice ideas and more.

Through life transitions, illness, losses, hormonal imbalances, we may find ourselves depleted and without resourcing. In these workshops, we will be proactive in building our reserves and creating a plan to build our ojas (resiliency and immunity) for the winter cold and dry season as well as year to come. How you take care of yourself today determines your tomorrow. Today is the foundation of tomorrow, next week and next year.

Expect these workshops to be transformative and nurturing experiences that help us each connect deeply to inner realm and to meet the world around us with greater care and compassion.

My definition of Radical Self Care: Taking radical responsibility for your experience, without exception; prioritizing yourself in light of any stressors that arise in the arena of family, work, community commitments, health, hormonal and mood imbalance, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or a sense of not being connected or feeling seen. During these group gatherings, we work with a variety of restorative practices and inquiries in small doses to bring more harmony into our experiential life.

Here is the tentative Thursday Series Schedule

Oct 5: Yogic Theory: 5 Koshas, 3 Bodies, Samkhya
Oct 12: Potential Special Guest Event
Oct 19: Feet Gateway to Pelvis (1st Chakra)
Oct 25: Pelvis/Psoas Gateway to Soul (2nd Chakra)
Nov 2: Psoas to Jaw (3rd Chakra)
Nov 9: Potential Special Guest Event
Nov 16: Lindy Hoeft Yoga of Sound Workshop
Nov 30: Heart of Yoga (4th Chakra)
Dec 7: Yoga in Action (5th/6th Chakra)
Dec 14: Savasana & Energy Healing as Self Care Workshop (7th Chakra)

The full series is available at a discount of $325.
Each workshop standalone is $45.