Live / Love / Matter

Live // Love // Matter

Practical Ayurvedic Lifestyle for a Well Lived Life

Way more than ‘eating right’…we are setting up holistic structures to:
live well
-to love more
-to do things that truly matter.

Our lives are more than this one life. We are dealing with impressions, also called karma, from past lives, or even just this life, that are subconsciously held in the body. We honor we are more than just this life and that we came from somewhere and we are being transformed into something that will go on past this life. This relates to our soul/causal body. We allow our prana, our life force, to flow through these bodies.

And we deal with this in this present moment. Through love…for ourselves and for all of humanity. We are honoring and learning to let our tejas, our radiance, shine brighter, radiating our through our subtle/energetic body.

So that our love grows and nourishes whatever it is that we plant, and our lives matter more. Our physical bodies are the bodies of matter. They are our future, they create our future, we experience our future through them. What we do in the present moment affects our future, our physicality. We are reducing accumulation of toxins (ama) and building resiliency (ojas) so we can thrive.

This is how the Vedic sister sciences can help – by creating a structure for flow so that we can glow…and matter better. These practices are addressing the three bodies: The Causal/Soul body, the Subtle/Astral/Energetic body and the Physical body.

We may apply these practices and principles to many areas of life:
-our health
-our energy
-our mental well-being
-work/life balance
-entrepreneur goals
-hobbies, etc.

How the program works?

Easy… attend the monthly workshops as it works with your schedule.


Sign up for the monthly Yoga Sanctuary Membership to have access to limited time replay links, plus all yoga classes and regular workshops/kula meetups at the sanctuary.


Or work 1:1 with me at your own pace or through The Wisdom Sanctuary Membership to help keep yourself accountable. This option also includes the Live/Love/Matter only workshops and limited time replays.

You take the right dose for you!

For now, mark the dates and stay tuned in for workshop topics.

Currently scheduled workshops:
September 17, 10:30-12:30 – Fall Cleanse Kickoff
October 29, 10:00-1:30 – The Three Sister Sciences Overview
December 3, 10:00-1:30 – TBA
December 31, 10:00-1:30 – TBA (but oriented around structure for 2023)

Feel free to email me with questions/concerns.
Jenn đź•Š

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