Sacred Spaces Retreat/Event

Creating sacred ritual for wellness retreat

Sacred Spaces Inner Retreat

Sacred Spaces Inner Retreat is the space I’ve created to help you connect to and cultivate a deeper and loving relationship with your innermost Self.

We will be exploring through Ritual, Rest and Relationship. Ritual creates containment and structure and really is the medicine for the times due to the multitude of ways our energy gets scattered. We are all doing more, feel like we are receiving less and scurrying about to do even more.

Rest is where we have short-changed ourselves. It takes a lot of time for the Nervous System to rest so we can dive underneath, dissolve some boundaries that are outdated and restricting us, so the Soul can embody, take its seat. Then we can examine relationship with Self, reconnect.

Saturday we will gather starting at 10am until 5pm. I’ll make some soup and you might bring something light to add to the lunch.

Sunday we will gather 10am – 2pm.

The exploration will be done through the three channels of the Physical Body, the Subtle/Energy Body and the Causal/Soul Body. Really it is the polarity of the Soul and the Physical, the past and the future, that we are exploring through the Present Moment, the Subtle/Energy field.

Saturday will be more about creating space and connecting with the Soul. This is an experiential day and you can expect:
A lot of guided journey/meditations.


Discussions about the three bodies (plus the 4th/inner fortress)

Learning about the Kalachakra which lays out these four bodies with your natal chart (I will prepare your kalachakra with a legend for you)

An ‘accessible for all’ physical practice working with fascia

A ritual healing meditation for ancestral healing (you’ll want to bring some pictures, I’ll let you know what you need to do before class)

Chanting – I will have a mantra for the retreat

Ending with some Restorative Yoga.

Sunday will be about crafting our future. The physical body is related to the future. We will look at more practical aspects as it relates to the body.
Of course, the Kalachakra map is one lens we will look at.

Also, I’ll loosely discuss and have a handout on the 108 marma points

Yin Practice that activates marma points

Body yantra practices and why they are useful

And an activating guided meditation.

There will be a guidebook for you to continue your exploration after the retreat.

The retreat fee is $325 and will be at The Yoga Sanctuary.
For now, I’m asking that you give/mail a check to secure your place or give me a verbal agreement. You may also send Venmo to jbrooks0703 (6201 last 4 digits) or PayPal to but I would prefer a check.

As you can see, this is quite an experiential retreat and really something I’ve been working up to for a few years. It is limited to a small group that is ready for transformation work.

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