The Wisdom Sanctuary Membership

Regular 1:1 Meetings and Workshops.

With the Wisdom Sanctuary membership, you will have access to whatever workshops you wish to attend each month as well as regular 1:1 Vedic Counseling meetings with Jenn (six per calendar year, meeting about every other month for consistency). **

View the calendar to see what the current offerings are.

Some workshops are offered as a hybrid (both online and in person) and occasionally there will be online only offerings. Most workshops are in-person based on demand.

There is never a contract, message Jenn to unsubscribe at any time and the following subscription payments will end immediately, however no refund for prior payments. You may also unsubscribe via your PayPal account. You are always welcome to join back at the rates offered at that time.

**Alternatively, you may choose just to do the Live/Love/Matter workshops and monthly 1:1 sessions (i.l.o. all workshops & 6 1:1s annually).**


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