Live / Love / Matter

Practical Vedic Lifestyle for a Well Lived Life

Past workshops:
Month 1: Rhythms & Cycles (Recordings & Handouts available for purchase)
Month 2: Dinacharya (Recordings & Handouts available for purchase)

Month 3: Dec 3 – Karmic Responsibility + Shav Yatra Practice (Recordings & Handouts available for purchase)

Tentative 2023 Schedule:
Month 4: Date TBD – Karmic Responsibility Part 2
+ Remedies/co-participating with karma

I may be reorganizing these workshops to be combined as an intensive offering over the course of a 2-day weekend.
2nd Saturdays most months – a blending of Practical Ayurveda, Karma (Jyotisha) + Yoga (Meditation) – spiraling deeper on subjects we’ve touched on

About the kula:
Way more than ‘eating right’…we are setting up holistic structures to:
live well
-to love more
-to do things that truly matter.

Our lives are more than this one life. We are dealing with impressions, also called karma, from past lives, or even just this life, that are subconsciously held in the body. We honor we are more than just this life and that we came from somewhere and we are being transformed into something that will go on past this life. This relates to our soul/causal body. We allow our prana, our life force, to flow through these bodies.

And we deal with this in this present moment. Through love…for ourselves and for all of humanity. We are honoring and learning to let our tejas, our radiance, shine brighter, radiating our through our subtle/energetic body.

So that our love grows and nourishes whatever it is that we plant, and our lives matter more. Our physical bodies are the bodies of matter. They are our future, they create our future, we experience our future through them. What we do in the present moment affects our future, our physicality. We are reducing accumulation of toxins (ama) and building resiliency (ojas) so we can thrive.

This is how the Vedic sister sciences can help – by creating a structure for flow so that we can glow…and matter better. These practices are addressing the three bodies: The Causal/Soul body, the Subtle/Astral/Energetic body and the Physical body.

We may apply these practices and principles to many areas of life:
-our health
-our energy
-our mental well-being
-work/life balance
-entrepreneur goals
-hobbies, etc.

You take the right dose for you! Stay tuned in for workshop topics.

12 Rooms of your Life Workshop:
Our natal birth chart gives us hints to why where are here, what we are born to do with this life, and how we can achieve that.

The "how" is a challenge because it has to do with karma, perceived obstacles that stand in our way. These obstacles are actually what gives us lessons that allow us to push against karma so we can grow and evolve and step into our purpose (our dharma).

The analogy I use is the one to do with the acorn and the oak tree. An acorn is just an acorn, often squirreled away for nourishment in the depth of winter. But there comes a time for the acorn to sprout and root down ... and the deeper the roots drill into earth, the bigger the acorn sprouts and begins to reach for the heavens. An acorn only becomes the mighty oak by dealing with it's karma, by yielding to it, surrendering but also using that surrender to rebound away from earthy and evolve.

Some of our karma was laid out and fixed based on the time of our birth - it is showing our soul's journey. Our only choice is to learn to yield to it and evolve despite it. Other karma is malleable and changeable as we go through life. We start to recognize these patterns and can learn to do things differently, brilliantly.

In this course, we will first learn about karma and dharma through the first two workshops, then room by room (house by house) we will explore what that means. You'll have homework, prompts, to help you explore during the month. You can explore with others in a Facebook chat, together. You may also submit your questions to me and during the Q&A portion of the next month, I'll consolidate the questions and we can take a look (this will be general, not personal answers).

By the end of 2023, hopefully you have new insight into your life purpose (at least for this phase of life) and the patterns that keep you evolving.

The real gift here is that it allows you a way to see yourself from a greater awareness vs. limited self perspective that has a lot of conditioning.

It helps you to see the great meaning of your life and how you are precious and "on purpose" just as you are.

This is for those who have had a Vedic natal chart reading (ideally by me) and want to dive in deeper in their own personal growth journey.

(Note: This is not Western/Tropical Astrology)